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Where Can You Go Prospecting in WA?

GOLDtracker App Shows You Using Only Your Mobile Phone 

Where To Go Prospecting In WA Using Goldtracker App - Video Chapters

0:00 Goldtracker APP Where to go Prospecting in WA. Video Timings.

00:00 Prospecting Laws In WA and GOLDtracker App.

00:47 Get a Miners Right!

01:26 What is Crown Land.

02:32 What is a Mining Tenement?

03:05 How are this shown on Tengraph Web?

04:26 Section 40e On Exploration Licenses.

06:22 Permission on Granted Mining Lease.

06:58 88% of land is Exploration Leases.

07:40 What can you do While Prospecting?

09:00 Who Owns the Gold you Find?

09:23 Notifying Pastoralists.

10:30 Restrictions on Pastoral stations.

11:57 How GOLDTracker Shows Tenements.

12:20 GOLDtracker App Shows a Score for Gold Potential.

Prospecting Rules in WA

Don't Risk A Massive Fine!

Fines for illegal prospecting are heavy up to $150,000 and confiscation of your gear and maybe your car and caravan.

BUT There are massive tracts of land you can go Prospecting for gold and metal detecting in WA - if you know WHERE!

The video explains how to access this land but in essence 88% of land in area is covered by Exploration Leases and you can access these with a Section 40e Permit.

You can also access land that has been pegged but is still Pending (Not approved as a tenement yet) this is shown with Blue Diagonal Lines on Tengraph Web.

Goldtracker APP provides Tenements Updated Daily so you can see what land is available on your mobile phone.

Exploration Leases By area WA

How The GOLDtracker App Helps You Prospect Legally

Tenements are Shown and Updated Daily

GOLDtracker App Shows all the tenements and they are updated daily.

GOLDtracker App is used on your mobile device so you don't have to carry a computer with you in the bush.

Even when you are offline you can download the map are you are exploring and save it to your Mobile Phone then use it in the bush.

It will display the tenements from the time you went gold hunting then when you are back in range it will automatically update the tenements again..

Goldtracker App Tenements Screen

Get A Miners Right

Make Sure You Have A Miners Right

You Must have a Miners Right to Go Prospecting for Gold or Metal Detecting in WA.


The cost is minimal and currently valid for life Here is a link to a page that explains what a Miners Right is and Where to Get one.

Miners Right

GOLDtracker App shows You EXACTLY Where You Are!

When you are in the bush the GOLDtracker App shows you EXACTLY where you are on the ground.

You will never stray into an area you are not allowed to go again!

GOLDtracker GPS on

GOLDtracker App - More Assets and Links

Metal Detecting Permission Letter Templates

Know the Locations to Find Gold

The truth is - finding new ground is the key to finding more gold.

Get the Goldtracker App and you will quickly locate new areas with gold nugget potential.