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Goldtracker App Updates

Goldtracker Update Vs 1.0.62 April 2023

Goldtracker APP - Goldtracker App Update Vs1.0.62 Shows you how to;

  • Find out what version of the App you have.
  • Understand how to Update your version of the APP
  • How to use the updated Magnifying glass in the app to find a GPS location Anywhere in WA.

Timing in Video

0:00 vs1.0.62 0:17 What Version do you have?

1:02 How to Get Updated Version of App

1:40 Click Update in Google Store

2:00 How to search Lat and Long Tool

3:35 Click GPS on for data

Goldtracker Update Vs 1.0.61 April 2023

0:00 Goldtracker APP - Goldtracker App Update Vs1.0.61 Shows you how to Find a top gold nugget hunting area, and how to Find the Best Route to the Gold - 

Timing in Video

0:00 Update 6/4/2023.

0:53 What is a good spot for gold.

1:27 How do you get to the Good Spot?.

1:44 Click on Lat and Long and get Route.

Goldtracker App

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