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GOLDtracker App

We Help People Find Gold

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Where to Find Gold in WA?

Goldtracker Shows You Where!

0:00 Goldtracker APP - 4 Methods to find Gold and a Secret.

Where do you find Gold in WA

Video Chapters And Timing

0:00 Goldtracker APP Where to Find Gold.

0:33 You MUST target Gold Nuggets.

1:04 Primary Gold Formation.

1:48 Primary Gold Rocks.

2:06 Secondary Gold.

3:46 30000 Prospectors Out There!

4:07 4 Keys to Finding Gold.


6:44 Where do you get the information?

8:00 How Goldtracker Shows you Where Gold is in WA

8:40 13 Types of Gold Deposits.

10:37 Goldtracker Score For Everywhere in WA

You Must Target Gold Nuggets.

Only 5557 graticules in WA have records of gold Found in them in WA - that is 5557 of Over 1 Million Blocks.

However GOLDtracker App gives you the app and knowledge to identify where new gold is. It scores the Potential to find gold in EVERY Graticular block in WA.

Graticules with Gold Records WA

The Four Key Elements To Identify Where Gold Is.

...How GOLDtracker App Scores Them.

1. By Association.

The Goldtracker Score in this area is calculated by using,

The types of bedrock,

- It's geological age and composition

- Types of deposits that produce gold in WA based on an assessment of the types of rocks, structure, and minerals present.

-Types of deposits and Structural Alignment.

There are 13 types of deposits which are classified and Scored for Every Graticular Block in WA

After Paulsen Dube 1997 Gold Deposits and their Geological Classifications

"ROBERT, F., POULSEN, K. H. & DUBE, B. 1997. Gold Deposits and their Geological Classification. In: GUBINS, A. G. (ed.) Proceeding of Exploration 97: Fourth Decennial International Conference on Mineral Exploration."

A Paper which shows:

- Deposit type,

- Associated elements,

- Size and Grade of Deposit

as modified by Dr John Watling for WA geological conditions.

2. By Geological Structure

The GOLDtracker Score is calculated using;

The presence, association and relative distribution of structural features are scored, such as;

- Faults,

- Folds,

- Intrusives,

- Metamorphic and altered zones.

Bedrock Geology Score

3. By Lithology Indicators

The Lithology and underlying bedrock geology is assessed and scored based on its potential to host gold.

How is this done in Goldtracker;

  • By Using a reassessment of historical specimens and a re-analysis of the elements reported using modern knowledge and techniques.

  • 40000 previous samples have been re assessed and scored in this way.

A score is calculated based on the occurrence of specific gold indicator elements in the lithology of the graticular block.

Halo Sampling

4. Proximity to Deposits

Scores are applied for a number of factors in relation to Proximity.

Every reported Gold occurrence in WA is included (it is also updated regularly) and a score applied to each block.

This also includes scores that are not identified in any records and from the author’s own databases.

There are also scores applied for other historical information:

- Scraping and detecting,

- Historic alluvial occurrences.

A Score is included based on Independent Technical Evaluation score applied by the original creators Dr J Watling and Ray Hammond..

Aluvial Gold and Geology

Know the Locations to Find Gold

The Truth is - Finding New Ground is the Key to Finding More Gold.

Get the Goldtracker App and you will quickly locate new areas with gold nugget potential.