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GOLDtracker App FAQ

Goldtracker App Cost

The GOLDtracker App is currently only for Android Devices and costs $24.99 this is a once only cost.

What is included in GOLDtracker App?

- Tenements Updated Daily when you are in range.

- 1:500,000 Bedrock Geology and Cenozoic Geology.

- Fault Lines in WA Included.

- Gold Mines and other Mineral Information Included.

- Find New Gold Locations Without the massive research time. If you understand geological, proximity and locational fators, otherwise you can buy a districts scores In APP which provides a score for every graticular block in a Mining District.

- Know Exactly Where you are on the ground.

- Different views of mapviews like Topo, satellite and street maps.

- GPS location (if you have GPS capability in your phone or device)

- Ability to create offline maps and use them in your phone when you are not connected to phone service.

- GOLDtracker App is used on your Mobile Phone (First Android then Apple IOS).

- Carry it with you all the time.

- GOLDtracker App provides your location when you are in the field if you have GPS capability.

- Know exactly where you are allowed to be.

What Mining Districts Can be Purchased "In App"

Every Graticular Block is Scored for Every Mining District in WA.

Although there are 40 or so Mining Districts Gazetted in WA we have condensed them to 9 areas which you can purchase individually or for the whole of WA

Goldtracker Mining Districts
How to Change or Reset Password

A Short Video on how to change or update your Password in the GOLDtracker APP.

How to View Tenement details in the App

A Short Video on how to  view tenement details in the GOLDtracker APP.

How to drilldown to Graticular Scores in the App

A Short Video on The Score Colours and What they Mean and How to Drill down to a Graticular Score in the GOLDtracker APP.

What is Included Each Mining District

Here is a PDF with the In App Mining Districts Included and the area the districts cover.

Problem Registering

Goldtracker Registration Screen
Is It Available for Apple iOS

Not Yet but that is programmed to be completed See the roadmap  page

My Goldtracker.net.au website password doesn't work in the Goldtracker App

These are separate entities and they are logged into differently if you have an account in the Goldtracker website it is separate to the GOLDtracker App.

When you sign up for the GOLDtracker APP you buy it through Google Store using your Google account login email and password. When you download the app you used that email address to "Register" in the App and create you new password in the GOLDtracker App. 

Can You Use The App More than One Android Device

Yes You can install your paid apps on as many of your devices as you like, so long as they are connected to the Google account used to purchase the apps

When You Build GOLDtracker App for APPLE iOS will there be a discount?

That is our next step for sure building for Apple I Phones And we will do the discount offer again when we get the IPHONE version up and running. 

Depending on the costs for building it I think we can offer the same discount to Goldtracker Users when the IPHone version comes out (for IPHONE USERS ONLY).

When will it be completed - we have it planned and depends on the availability of our programmer see this page GOLDtracker Development Roadmap

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