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Goldtracker App

It is Getting Harder for People to Find Gold.

30000 people are picking over the same hammered ground each year, if you don't find new gold locations you will struggle to find gold.

Goldtracker gives you a Mobile Phone App and knowledge to identify where new gold is.

Miners Right Holders

There Are Heavy Penalties for Illegal Prospecting

You can get Fined heavily Up to $150,000 and confiscation of your gear, car, caravan if illegally prospecting in WA. You have to know where you are allowed to go.

Goldtracker App has daily updated tenements, so you can know exactly where you are on the ground. 

Illegal Prospecting Penalties

A Calculated GOLD Score for Every Block In WA

We have calculated the potential to find gold in EVERY graticular block in WA - over 1 Million Scores.

Every score is colour coded so you can instantly see top gold potential areas.

Everywhere in WA!

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Calculated Gold Score

Mines, Geology, Tenements, Faults, Topo and Satellite Maps Included.

Also included is;

  • Bedrock Geology, Cenozoic Geology,
  • Fault lines,
  • Topo or satellite map views,
  • GPS connection,
  • Offline Maps create and use - so you do not have to be connected to the net or phone system.
Get the GOLDtracker App
Good Gold areas

Know EXACTLY Where You Are on the Ground.

With GOLDtracker you will know EXACTLY where you are on the ground with GPS turned on in your device.

You will know the ground that you are allowed to go prospecting and camping with daily updated mining tenements included on the App

Get the GOLDtracker App
GOLDtracker GPS on

How To Get Started

First Step Get the App


Get the GOLDtracker APP on your Mobile Device and select a Mining District

Identify a High Gold Score Area


Identify a High Gold Scoring Area on Vacant or Pending land.

Find gold


Use your Mobile Phone and go to the free high gold scoring area and FIND GOLD

GOLDtracker Works With

Miners Right WA

New Miners Right Holders

Who want to find gold but struggle to understand geology, data and information about how to target gold.

People who struggle with the complexity of knowing the RULES in WA, where they are allowed to go and whether they are on ground they are can be prospecting.

Geology in GOLDtracker

Gold Prospectors

Who want to understand where new gold can be found where others are not searching.

There is a lot of people prospecting now in WA and the "easy to get to" places have been hammered so you must target NEW gold gold locations.

GOLDtracker provides that without the Massive Research time required.

GOLDtracker Traveler

Covid Trapped Travellers

Many WA people are travelling and experiencing New Adventures in the bush .

GOLDtracker gives you the opportunity with the new simple to use metal detectors like the Minelab GPX6000 and SDC2300 to target and Find Gold on your adventures.

Without the huge learning curve about where to go or what is allowed.


Know the Locations to Find Gold

The truth is - finding new ground is the key to finding more gold.

Get the Goldtracker App and you will quickly locate new areas with gold nugget potential.

Get the GOLDtracker App