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We Help People Find Gold

With Simple to Use Apps and Information.

How to Get and Use The GOLDtracker App

To Find Gold - Know Where You Are

How to Use GOLDtracker App - Video Chapters

0:00 How to Use Goldtracker APP Where to go Prospecting in WA. Video Timings.

1 00:00 How To Use GOLDtracker App

2 00:41 Main screen and default map

3 01:11 Layers that you can turn on and Off

4 01:49 Scores Explained

5 02:55 Menus Explained

6 03:43 Drilling Down to More Info.

7 04:34 Map Views how to Change.

8 05:20 Hamburger menu Items.

9 06:10 What Default Map includes.

10 07:01 Turn GPS On.

11 07:56 How to Generate Offline Map.

12 09:37 Retrieve and Use Offline Map

How to Get GOLDtracker App

On Your ANDROID Mobile Device (Soon for iPHone)

How to Get GOLDtracker App - Video Chapters

0:00 How to Get the Goldtracker APP - Video Timings.

00:15 Play Store Link

00:36 Instal App

00:57 Register

01:06 Contact Us

    What The New GOLDtracker App Includes (Basic App Cost is Once Only $24.99)

      • Tenements Updated Daily when you are in range.
      • 1:500,000 Bedrock Geology and Cenozoic Geology.
      • Fault Lines in WA.
      • Gold Mines and other Mineral Information.
      • Different views of mapviews like Topo, satellite and street maps.
      • GPS location (if you have GPS capability in your phone or device)
      • Ability to create offline maps and use them in your phone when you are not connected to phone service.

The "In App"  Mining Districts or Get All of WA!

"In App" Purchases.

You can buy one (or all of WA) of the 9 mining districts scores as in In App purchase. Which is an annual fee.

It will depend on the area you want to research to find gold!

You Select Only the areas you want!

Goldtracker App Mining Districts Score Areas

Differences between Goldtracker APP and Website

GOLDtracker App

There are many differences between the GOLDtracker App and Website - here are some important benefits of the GOLDtracker App.

  • GOLDtracker App is used on your Mobile Phone (First Android then Apple IOS). Carry it with you all the time.

  • GOLDtracker App provides your location when you are in the field if you have GPS capability. Know exactly where you are allowed to be.

  • GOLDtracker App automatically updates tenements daily if you are connected. No worries about "OUT OF DATE" tenements

  • GOLDtracker App you can download Maps that can be used offline in the bush with GPS (if your mobile has GPS capability). You don't need Phone Connection if you are way out in the bush.

  • GOLDtracker App has drilldown to Bedrock Geology and Fault-lines you can drill down and display 1:500,000 Bedrock Geology and Geological Faults in WA. Find the Geology that has the gold in the area - Then go to it and Find Gold!

  • GOLDtracker APP scores are colour coded so you can instantly see where the best areas are, whether the land is vacant or pending and the local geology you should search for.

  • Goldtracker.net.au Website

    The Goldtracker Website is an accessible Online PC Investigation and Research tool whereas the GOLDtracker App is on your mobile phone.

    • Goldtracker Website is accessed Online.

    • GOLDtracker Website has Tenements included but they are not updated daily.  

    • GOLDtracker Website - Online and cant be used in the bush.

    • GOLDtracker Website you purchase single searches and you can search for the next Highest Best score in our chosen area.

    How to Buy Goldtracker Districts "In App"

    Recap Benefits - GOLDtracker App

    Gold Score for Every Block in WA

    Gold Score for Every Graticular Block in WA

    GOLDtracker is now available on your Mobile Phone as well as the Goldtracker Website.

    It uses an advanced algorithm to score every graticular block in WA of the potential to find gold - with a simple colour coded and numerical score.

    GOLDtracker cuts out the massive research time required for you and you can instantly see the best blocks to hunt for Gold in WA.

    Know the best blocks to apply for a Section 40e Permit - don't guess.

    Find Gold in WA Page
    GOLDtracker Score with new area to find gold

    Find New Gold Locations

    Who want to understand where new gold can be found where others are not searching.

    There is a lot of people prospecting now in WA and the "easy to get to" places have been hammered so you must target NEW gold gold locations.

    GOLDtracker provides that without the Massive Research time required.

    GOLDtracker Traveler

    New to Prospecting in WA?

    Are You New to Prospecting in WA?

    You can find gold easier at places where others are not going and do not have to struggle to understand geology, data and information about how to target gold.

    Cut out the huge time consuming learning curve!

    Where Can I Go ?

    Recap Benefits - GOLDtracker App

    Tenements Updated Daily in Goldtracker

    Tenements Updated Daily

    GOLDtracker App Shows all the tenements and they are updated daily.

    You will know where available unpegged ground and Pending Tenements are.

    GOLDtracker App is used on your mobile device so you don't have to carry a computer with you in the bush.

    Find Gold in WA Page
    Use GOLDtracker on your Mobile Device

    Use on Your Mobile Device

    All available on your mobile phone and with GPS on you will know EXACTLY where you are on the ground in the bush.

    You will not need to use a computer in the bush.

    Note : Available for Android with IOs coming shortly

    GOLDtracker  With GPS you know where you are

    Know Exactly Where You Are on the Ground.

    Don't risk massive fines for prospecting on the wrong land.

    With GOLDtracker on you mobile phone and GPS on you will know EXACTLY where you are in the bush.

    Where Can I Go ?

    Know the Locations to Find Gold

    The truth is - finding new ground is the key to finding more gold.

    Get the Goldtracker App and you will quickly locate new areas with gold nugget potential.

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