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    GOLDtracker Development RoadMap.

    Here is a rundown of some of the features currently in development, or soon to be developed.

    - Private Facebook group for GOLDtracker Users Only. May 2023

    - iOS Development and release of GOLDtracker App. June 2023

    - Goldtracker Website rebuild. This site will be rebuilt after the Apple IOSversion of the app is built,

    - Add Layer - Pastoral Leases boundaries in GOLDtracker App. (cost impact) late 2023

    - Add Layer - Native Title Land in Gold tracker App. Late 2023 - Layer

    - Add Layer - A Class and other Reserves in Goldtracker App. late 2023

    - Save GPS points and tracks on app for users. Mid to late 2023

    - Section 40e Select best graticules on a specific E lease tool. Mid 2023

    - Graphic outline of selected areas within GOLDtracker App. Mid to Late 2023

    These depend on our first priority which is to get the App built and accepted for Apple Use.

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